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Dirtbox Radio : Sunday, September 30th, 2018

. #822
. This week: Mike E Riddims & Joey Migraine open up with their signature dubby style, Soularize makes his debut Dirtbox appearance, and SubStrate is back on to bless the decks. ODJ hosts, plays tunes, drinks beer.

.. 07PM EST - Riddim Ryderz
.. 08PM EST - Soularize
.. 09PM EST - ODJ
.. 10PM EST - SubStrate


. We has an SSL cert for the original domain now (www.dirtboxradio.com). Browsers no longer think we're sketchy.
. www.dirtbox.wtf isn't redirecting properly because of the above. Please use the old domain for now. We'll get to this soon as we can.
. We're no longer using Ustream. The platform has slowly been pushing out those of us who don't want to pay mucho dinero for their service, catering to more professional broadcasters. Since IBM bought them out it's been worse. We'll be piloting alternatives for live video stream in the coming months. [EDIT] - We've begun piloting YouTube streaming. See the results of our attempts at our Youtube Page.
. Updates will be coming in the next week or so to the Archives. Thank you for your patience. This summer's been hella busy.


. 10/14 - TBD
. 10/28 - TBD
. 11/11 - TBD

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