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Dirtbox Radio : Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

. #879
. This week: Big things are brewing as we kick 2020 to the curb and march hopefully into 2021. We're lucky to have the one and only Deinfamous joining our ranks, with this week being the first time he'll be broadcasting as part of the show from his studio. We'll be aiming to do this every month, so bid him a warm welcome!

.. 07:00PM ET - ODJ
.. 09:00PM ET - Deinfamous


. 2020.11.15: We're going to attempt to start a routine where, on our off week, we release the most recent Dirtbox show as well as an older show or two, until we fill in the vast chasm that exists within the archives. Please share and provide feedback - it'll keep the fire burning.
. STICKY: ODJ and his wife had a kiddo early this year, so there may be some missed/short shows early this year. We'll try to communicate them as wearly as possible, but apprecaite your patience as the new partents navigate severe sleep deprivation!



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