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About Us

. Dirtbox Radio is a weekly broadcast featuring a plethora of Drum 'n' Bass DJs from the surrounding area of Washington, DC and beyond. Founded by ODJ, the first broadcast hit the intarweb on April 21st of 2002, via the now-defunct Sessions1 network. Since that time, Dirtbox has gone through a number of transformations, keeping true to our mission (below).
. For some time now, we've broadcast on Jungletrain.net, and had a good long stint on Destroyer.
. These days we broadcast out of ODJ's place in Berwyn Heights (2nd & 4th Sundays) and the Barrio house in College Park (1st and 3rd Sundays). Grimm Reeper is handling hosting duties on 5th Sundays and possibly more as time progresses.
. The Dirtbox Kru consists of the following people, in order of appearance. We've been around a while, so not everyone's active these days, but family is family.
. We're all futuristic 'n' shit. Get at us on our Facebook Fan Page.

The Kru


.. ODJ: Berwyn Heights Host, founder, fearless leader, occasional updater of ancient HTML.
.. Encryption: College Park Host, player of techy tunes and tasty dubstep, Dirtbox Best Hoodies Collection.
.. DaveJ: Occasional College Park host & technical support, DNB DJ, professional party attender.
.. Resonance: Dirtbox Ladies Kru member #1 (of 1, so far), player of both hard and not-so-hard tasty tunes.
.. Grimm Reeper: Laurel Host, a great lover of hard and fast DNB, probably the single nicest dude in the crew.

. Active DJs:

.. Hooligan: Player of choonage, drinker of alcohol, emergency host #1.
.. Sgnl: Excellent producer, Robot Death Squad member, 1/2 of the First Guest Spot Evar, also known as SGNL when he plays that "other music".
.. Phil Scott: Resident Caffeine Expert, DJs when not working, writer of tuneage, Resident Soundbwoy.
.. Psykofly: Headhunterz Inc member, Mantis Sound System member, writer & player of choonage, Dirtbox Best Hair.
.. Kaotix: Ex-Laurel Bookings, Co-host, Player of Very Angry Tunes, member of Tribalistix.
.. Lycan: Player of very angry choons, always at work, Dirtbox Best Beard.
.. Joey Migraine: Berwyn Heights Sorta-cohost, DNB/Reggae DJ, player of guitar, Dirtbox Best Mutton Chops.
.. HeBe GB: Newest member of the Kru, Always quality, always something different, super chill guy.

. Retired DJs:

.. Jerel: Retired long time Co-host, mostly-retired DJ, prime selector.
.. Ricky Ricardo: One of DC's OG Dubstep advocates, Ex host @ EXBC, 1/2 of the First Guest Spot Evar.
.. Higgs tha Mighty: Perpetual student, MIA.
.. Crucial Carl: OG Jungletrain head, master of the fast mix, retired family man.
.. Shade: Ex host @ EXBC, Retired DJ of DNB and Other Things.
.. K-Lungz: AKA K-Yun, DJ of DNB and Hard House, master of the rave, pretty much retired DJ.
.. Shilow: Loooongtime DJ, Player of drums, Mostly retired old geezer dad DJ ;).

Our Mission

. Our aim here at Dirtbox Radio is to create an enviornment where we (the Kru and the people out there listening) can chill, have fun, and listen to the music that we love. There is a wealth of talent in the greater DC metro area that we are very fortunate to have, and we try to make the best use of it. We also love having people through that don't live around here - if they're good people and can throw down, they're our kinda people.

Wanna play?

. If you're interested in playing on Dirtbox Radio, just hit up ODJ with an email. We'll gladly take your tracks, mixes, short essays on the meaning of life, etc. We're into hearing what's out there, as fresh blood is what keeps this whole thing going.

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