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Important Update: Dirtbox is Going Halftime

This April will mark the sixteenth anniversary of Dirtbox Radio. Sixteen years. That's nearly half of my life on this planet. It's been a ton of fun. I've met some great people, played some great spots, and enjoyed a ton of great drum & bass and jungle music. And, well, quite a few tasty brews. One must always take time for tasty brews.

Anyways, what I think has accounted for a large portion of the continued success of the show is that it's fun. That's kinda the mantra - you come and have fun, either as a listener or a DJ. There's no drama, no BS, no corporate sponsorships, no stylistic snobbery. I've done my best to set up the studio so it sounds good, and is as comfortable as it can be in a room the size of a shoebox. That way whomever is playing is having fun, and that fun transmits out to all ye cats 'round ye olde internet. And y'all cats can have fun too. Fun. Fun is the word.

Over the last few months, I've been hosting the show by myself. Bobby (Grimm Reeper) and Jason (Encryption) were frickin' troopers and stuck with me as long as they could, but they're not feeling it at the moment, and I'm not trying to force either of them to do something that's supposed to be fun. I've found my enthusiasm waning, here and there, as I work quite a bit, and have other hobbies and responsibilities to attend to. And, honestly, a good fire in the wood stove and a tasty brew in hand and nothing to do on a Sunday evening sounds good every now and then.

And so, in order to keep it fun, and keep up the quality you're accustomed to (and maybe even improve it!), I've decided to go down to halftime. Biweekly. I'm going to start with the first week of March, and will go live every two weeks instead of every week. Inevitably that'll scooch around here and there as conflicts arise, but that's the plan, and I'm rolling with it. I may recruit another host at some point, or whatever. Regardless, I think the old girl has a lot of life left in her, and I'd like to continue having fun with all of y'all.

Thank you kindly for your support. Huge ups to my Jungletrain family, all y'all regular listeners, my badass pool of DJs and producers, my wife and doggo, and urrybody else who's supported. Love and respect to all of ya. Onward to sixteen and beyond...

Jackson (ODJ)

Dirtbox Radio : Sunday, April 14th, 2018

. #810
. The Cadence crew are some of our favorite people, and are taking over the show this Sunday!

.. 07-08PM EST - Vanniety Kills
.. 08-09PM EST - Seany Ranks
.. 09-10PM EST - Rubble
.. 10-11PM EST - Drone


. 04/29 #811 - 16 Year Show - Encryption, Grimm Reeper, ODJ


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